National Children's Dental Health Month (NCDHM)

Each February, the American Dental Association sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of oral health.

Here's link to the ADA booklet with lots of goodies to download, like coloring pages and puzzles.

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And it's the perfect time to purchase No More Gunk!

No More Gunk! Picture Book for Ages 4-8

No More Gunk! is a Double Doozie - two books in one! This book is the first for a new imprint of Guardian Angel Publishing. The Health & Hygiene line features books teaching children about taking care of their bodies.

In No More Gunk! by Donna J. Shepherd, short, playful rhymes and Kevin Scott Collier's humorous illustrations help children learn in a fun way the importance of proper dental hygiene. Tooth Tips encourage children to take care of their teeth.

In the bonus book, Ouch! Sunburn!, Donna J. Shepherd's snappy rhymes, along with the 15 colorful and fun illustrations by Kevin Scott Collier, help children see the need to protect their skin in the sun. Sun Safety Tips in the back of the book reinforce the book's theme.

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BY: Gayle Jacobson-Huset, Assistant Editor
Stories for Children Magazine
BY: Donna Shepherd
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Kevin Scott Collier
PUBLISHED BY: Guardian Angel Publishing (Health & Hygiene Children's Book) DOUBLE DOOZIE – TWO BOOKS IN ONE!
ISBN: PRINT: Double Doozie: 13-978-1-933090-91-8
E-book: NO MORE GUNK: 13-978-1-933090-91-7
E-book: OUCH! SUNBURN: 13-978-1-933090-60-3
READING LEVEL: Ages 3 on up

"This is a fun "book" to review since it is actually two books in one! Guardian Angel Publishing has come out with their Double Doozie line of books and now has a Health & Hygiene Line.

In NO MORE GUNK, author Donna Shepherd has written a very humorous yet factual storyline on taking good care of your teeth and how to do so, in rhyming prose. Combined with the awesome and very funny artwork of Kevin Scott Collier, this book is quite the attention-getter for your child and will help you to teach him/her good health habits in a really fun way.

I particularly enjoyed the "No More Gunk Tooth Tips" at the end of the story – even the tips rhymed! Good job, Donna! My favorite tip: "They're your teeth, so be the boss. Always take the time to floss."

This was like reading a terrific poem full of FUNNY illustrations that your child will want you to read to them over and over and over! This is a keeper and gets a high five, especially when coupled with a SECOND free book!

OUCH! SUNBURN is also a terrific learning experience for your child, and one that hit home hard to me personally. Back in the age of the dinosaur, aka - when I was a small child, we didn't know much about the dangers of the sun and how it damages your skin, and nobody knew what sunscreen was. I grew up by the ocean, so I was either always at the beach, or at our local pool where I swam competitively. I am blonde and fair-skinned, and I had some whopper sunburns as I grew up. I've been "out of the sun" for 40 years now, but it doesn't matter – I still ended up getting skin cancer from those early exposures as a child.

So, I can tell you firsthand, that everything Donna says in this book is absolutely positively the truth, and I hope its message really hits home to young readers. The charming rhyming prose Donna uses along with Kevin's fun, colorful illustrations, make this book lots of fun for children to learn how to protect their skin from sunburns.

At the end, Donna again gives Ouch! Sunburn Extra Tips, of course, in rhyme. My favorite: "When you're out from ten to two. Play in Shade. Smart Kids do." WHERE WAS THIS BOOK WHEN I WAS GROWING UP? This is a must-have to teach your child safety in the sun at an early age.

A new review just went up on Reviews by Heidi for No More Gunk! & OUCH! Sunburn. Thanks, Heidi!

Kevin, illustrator of the book, Topsy Turvy Land, drew this coloring page featuring the boy in our newest book, No More Gunk! & OUCH! Sunburn! Enjoy!

*Click on the picture, then print! It will print out full size ready to be colored. If that doesn't work with your printer, right click on the picture, and then 'save picture as...' and then you can print it out using your photo program.

Interview on Book Bites for Kids

I was interviewed on Book Bites for Kids. Host Suzanne Lieurance talks with authors about their books and writing for children.

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Coloring Page - No More Gunk!

Illustrator of Topsy Turvy Land (Hidden Pictures Publishing), Kevin Scott Collier, sent this cute coloring page. Thanks, Kevin!

*Click on the picture, then print! It will print out full size ready to be colored. If that doesn't work with your printer, right click on the picture, and then 'save picture as...' and then you can print it out using your photo program.